2017 Bushwood Open at Arizona Snowbowl

Snowboarding in Arizona? Have to see it to believe? See it. Believe it. Arizona is not just for the retirees and spring training baseball.

Sunset Terrain Parks and Arizona Snowbowl set up a 9-hole course with all different takes on features. They also apparently brought in a bit of futbol with a tie for first place between Anton Ryzenkov and Matt Coldren. Nice work!

Hole 1 – Miller flip the golf ball
Hole 2 – 5050 to tailors the barriers
Hole 3 – Lipslide the Elbow
Hole 4 – Get through the Chain rail (Any trick)
Hole 5 – Method over the Golf Cart
Hole 6 – Nose tap the golf ball
Hole 7 – Fence Ollies (180 then switch Ollie)
Hole 8 – Bluntslide the Diamond rail
Hole 9 – 5050 to backboard the Flat-Down rail

Filmed by Matt Valley
Additional Filming by Erik Moller
Edited by Matt Valley & Matt Coldren

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