2018 Airblaster #SKOLF World Tour—Round 1: Timberline, OR Recap Video

Spencer Schubert, Max Warbington, Jared Elston, Len Jorgensen, Max Tokunaga, Sam Taxwood, and many more hit up Timberline for a few rousing rounds of SKOLF, recap above.

From Airblaster:

S-K-A-T-E x Golf = SKOLF

SKOLF is a hybrid name for a hybrid game. The SK comes from the game of S-K-A-T-E. The OLF comes from GOLF, the classic game of ball-in-hole borne in Scotland, and since adopted as the new American pastime by myriad people, especially those who enjoy driving tiny cars whilst drinking beer. SKOLF combines the best elements of each game into a completely entertaining experience.

Feature + Trick call-out = A Hole
Each attempt at a trick= A Stroke
Lowest score at end of play = A Champion

The SKOLF World Tour consists of:
5 Regional Feeders:
• Am Invite events
• featuring Guest Pros
• 4 Am winners advance
1 Masters Championship:
• Pro Invite event +
• 4 Am regional winners

NW Regional Feeder: Timberline, OR // Dec 13
East Regional Feeder: Big Boulder, PA // Jan 6
Sw Regional Feeder: Boreal, CA // Jan 8
North Regional Feeder: Sunshine Village, AB // Jan 10
European Feeder: Innsbruck, Austria // Jan 20
SKOLF Masters Championship: Copper Mountain, Co // Jan 29-30

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