2019 Burton Deep Thinker Review—The Blackboard Experiment with Pat Moore

Welcome to the 2019 Blackboard Experiment! How do you select the perfect park snowboard for you? SNOWBOARDER Magazine is here to help with The Blackboard Experiment, a blind board test in which a fleet of freestyle snowboards, all with black topsheets and bases, are put to task by one rider to determine the best in each discipline (carving, jibbing, jumping, and transition) and the best overall. This year, we met up with Pat Moore for a week in Aspen Snowmass to test the latest offerings from the biggest brands. Check below for the review of board #2, The Burton Deep Thinker!

Blackboard Exp Burton PatMoore TBirdley 02
A hand on the coping is worth more than two in the air. p: T. Bird

Brand Statement:

Danny Davis’ new take on extra-poppy, pow-friendly performance, the Burton Deep Thinker is a directional spin on Danny’s go-to for hot laps in the park, pipe, or mobbing side hits across the mountain. Adding the float and responsiveness of Directional Camber to a unique shape with just a touch of taper ups the all-mountain abilities while keeping the freestyle performance on full blast. 45° Carbon Highlights deliver snappy pop without the stiff side effects. The Deep Thinker features 100% FSC™ Certified wood cores and bio-based epoxy. That’s a big deal. It means that all the wood in these snowboards has been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, ensuring that it has the least possible impact on our planet’s forest habitats. Furthermore, they use Burton’s Super Sap® Epoxy, a board resin using bio-based materials for a 50% reduced carbon footprint.
Patrick Dodge, Burton Brand Coordinator

BBE2018 19 VIdeoThumbs BURTON TRANNY
Along with Best Carving, the Burton Deep Thinker took home best Transition as well. p: T. Bird

Model Length Tested: 157
Additional Lengths: 154, 157, 157W, 160, 160W, 163W
Shape: Directional
Camber: Directional Camber
Core: Press FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core
Base: Sintered WFO
MSRP: $579.95

First Impression

It still rides centered even though it has a bigger nose, which would probably be nice for riding powder. It was awesome cruising. This board was able to hold onto the turns really well. I felt like I was really stable the whole time. It had a good grip onto the snow and I really felt that in the halfpipe.

Blackboard Exp Burton PatMoore TBirdley 01
A base you can trust. p: T. Bird


When I first got on the board, [judging by] the way that it looked and the way that it turned, I didn’t want to hit any rails on it—I felt like it wasn’t made for that. But after riding around, it actually feels fine on the rails. I’m used to a cambered board—they are what I grew up on and what I still ride today so hopping onto any of the handrails, the board feels sturdy and does what I expect it to. It feels good going sideways, but as far as pressing, it’s really stiff.


Even just when I was messing around and carving really quick, I found myself still hooking into carves. This board initiates turns with the smallest amount of energy and just holds the tail. You just tilt a little bit and you’re on edge.

Blackboard Exp Burton PatMoore TBirdley 04 (1)
Shot for and by red heads everywhere. p: T. Bird


One of my favorite things about this board is that I immediately wanted to go hit the bigger jumps on it. The way that it rides gives you confidence: the way that it holds an edge on your set up turn and off the take off. When you have a good board with solid sidecut and sharp edges, you can really feel a difference, especially when you take off. This board sent me higher than I thought it would and I think that’s a good problem to have.


I think what makes this board really fun, especially in the halfpipe, is the sidecut and how stiff it is. You can hold your line. I was laughing in the air—I went five feet out or something like that—I haven’t done a head high air in a while, haha. There’s just that feeling that you can just trust the board.

Additional Thoughts

After two runs, I was all fired up and wanted to go hit some of the bigger stuff. I feel really comfortable on this board. It speaks a lot to the board shape and feel if that actually influences your confidence. This board gives you a lot of energy and it has a lot of pop. I just wish I was a better snowboarder because I feel like this board could handle more.

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