2019 Never Summer Peacemaker Review—The Blackboard Experiment with Pat Moore

Welcome to the 2019 Blackboard Experiment! How do you select the perfect park snowboard for you? SNOWBOARDER Magazine is here to help with The Blackboard Experiment, a blind board test in which a fleet of freestyle snowboards, all with black topsheets and bases, are put to task by one rider to determine the best in each discipline (carving, jibbing, jumping, and transition) and the best overall. This year, we met up with Pat Moore for a week in Aspen Snowmass to test the latest offerings from the biggest brands. Check below for the review of board #1, The Never Summer Peacemaker!

Pat Moore making peace with board #1. p: Mark Clavin

Brand Statement

The Peacemaker ain't some sheepherding fanboy pro model. This true twin six-shooter was created using ride and design input from super-shred Dylan Alito. World famous tattoo artist Bryan Henry hand painted the graphic. A soft mid-section flex gets you locked in on rails and pressing a mile high. The nose and tail, we made significantly stiffer for huge launches and incredibly stable landings. The extended contact points will have you hanging low and digging trenches. We added a Blower Stance for when the old dusty trail is covered in pow. The Peacemaker makes certain that you're always bringing the right board to the shootout. —Jenna Dilsaver, Never Summer Marketing Manager

Never Summer Dylan Alito Peacemaker snowbaord 2018-2019

Model Length Tested: 155
Additional Lengths: 149, 152
Shape: Twin
Camber: Hybrid
Core: Press Flex Wood Core – This rocker core design features 2 specific softer flex points between the feet creating better hinge points for ultimate pressing and ollie performance. Making the PRESS FLEX WOOD CORE the perfect foundation for freestyle performance.
Base: Durasurf Sintered 4501 Base
MSRP: $519.99
More info: neversummer.com

Lock, pop, and drop it. p: T. Bird

First Impression

I'd say that it is pretty soft and it seems to have some sort of reverse camber or even concave on the effective edge points and that's made it pretty interesting. Right off the bat it was really fun.


This board rolls edge-to-edge really well, but as far as really holding a carve, I think that the lifted contact points kind of drop the score. It has a loose feel and is a real soft board. It was pretty fun for jibbing around the mountain.


For me, it felt a little loose on the rails—I swear there's some roll to the base. I am not used to this type of shape.

“This board rolls edge-to-edge really well.”- Pat Moore. p: T. Bird


The soft feel of this board and the rolling of the edges made it fun for jumping because you could kind of slide off the lip a little bit. It rode kind of like a detuned board, which I think is fun, especially in spring conditions. It felt sturdy in the landing. Even though it was soft, it had some nice snap to it.


I thought it rode pretty well in the halfpipe. Conditions-wise, it's super soft and probably the perfect snow conditions for this board and this shape. It rolled edge-to-edge really well and held the edge once you were on it.

Additional Thoughts

I think the board rides really well in the slush. On the jumps it had a nice snap to it and it did really well in the halfpipe. It was super fun just jibbing and buttering around. You didn't have to work hard.

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