Less time spent, same heavy taste. 3.2%, rightly named for the beer sold in the surrounding area of the edit, was filmed over the course of seven days in Salt Lake City, Brighton, and the surrounding areas after the Electric snow team was in town for the “Legends of the Volt Tour”. With a heavy body count, the edit features Sam Taxwood, Griffin Seibert, Jack Dawe, Mike Rav, Christian Connors, Pat Moore, Parker Szumowski, Garrett Warnick, Lenny Mazzotti, Cooper Whittier, Reid Smith, Scotty Arnold, Frank Knab, and Ryan Pluche. Filmed by Cody Rosenthal, Seamus Foster, Seth Huot, and Alex Lockwood. Edited by Cody Rosenthal.

Griffin Seibert soaring high above the liquor laws in Utah. p: Bob Plumb

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