The Compton Snowboard Club. Yes, this is a thing. And a good one, too. On December 15th 686  teamed up with the Watts/Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club and provided a rad opportunity for Compton youths to get out into nature and onto a snowboard. Not everyone has a chance to make it to the slopes, with the proper equipment, and adequate guidance to facilitate those awkwardly difficult first turns. 686 furnished everything needed for a successful outing at Bear Mountain for the Watts/Willowbrook kids. Their teaching staff was an all-time bunch of pedagogues, consisting of Forest Bailey, Riley Nickerson, Mike Gray, Drayden Gardner, Melissa Evans, Danika Duffy, Brian Pracht, Jared McDaniel, Buzz Holbrook and team manager Patrick McCarthy. This is an endeavor that we are really stoked to see. Snowboarding is a special activity and enlarging its availability to all those interested in strapping in is always an action that merits a thumbs up.

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From 686: The Compton Snowboard Club is made up of a select group of boys and girls from the Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club, a community adjacent to 686's headquarters. 686 employees and team riders provide continual mentorship to the youth, exposing them to snowboarding, skateboarding, art, photography and all things that led many of us into a successful career around action sports.