9-5 – Robin Van Gyn Full Part 2014

Robin Van Gyn has an effortless way about her when carving through powder. Whether charging down mountain faces, dropping pillow lines, or turning through trees, Robin’s riding is smooth and powerful. Luckily, over the past year, she found snow in plentiful amounts, through trips to exotic destinations like Japan and South America in addition to efforts closer to home in British Columbia. Over the course of the season, she collected ample clips of her exploits, and while the snowboarding skill displayed by Robin in her full part is paramount, one of the things that sets her riding apart is the humble way she showcases it. It’s clear though footage of falls and quotes spliced in between more-than-impressive jump shots and steep descents that Robin is having an incredibly good time wherever she is dropping in and that makes watching her footage not only enjoyable but inspiring. Enjoy Robin’s full part from the 2013-14 winter and stay tuned for what she has in store this season.