A Shot In The Dark Teasers 2 And 3

It wasn't long ago that when it came to documenting snowboarding 3 chip cams were the shit and 16mm film was what separated the amateur from the auteur. Now it seems that anyone who wants to distinguish themselves from the go-pro gang needs to get themselves a heli. Well getting the bird won't do you much good if your subjects don't have the tricks in their bag or trunks to stomp 'em on command.

Process Films has put together a trio of teasers for their new release A Shot In The Dark. In addition to epic heli angles the two latest teasers have hammers galore. Featuring the talents of Fredrik Austbø, Petter Kristiansen, Tore Holvik, Torgeir Berre, Ulrik Badertscher, Aleksander Oestreng, Mats Hofgaard, Roger Kleivdal, Joacim Nyhaugen, Mikkel Bang, Pål Sørensen, Torjus Thomassen, Daniel Josefsen and Sondre Tiller. Enjoy.