Adidas Das Tables – Brighton Video Recap

Video: Mia Lambson and Paul Oborne

A little jazz music always makes a dinner party better. The first ever Adidas Das Tables at Brighton wasn’t quite a dinner party, but it did have two tables that riders feasted on all day.

Consisting of two different jam sessions, the tables were rearranged to pose a different menu of tricks and combos. “Turn It Up” in the morning utilized the two tables for an A-frame set up while the afternoon session, “Straight Line“, offered a direct route to the classic feature.

Adidas riders Alex Sherman, Derek Lever, Ben Bilodeau, and #ThePepperVideo star Ted Borland were all on hand to judge the event with over 80 riders dropping at their own will. Huge thanks to Adidas, Brighton, Milosport, and Spidelli’s for teaming up and hosting such a rad event.

Check out the photo recap and full results here and be on the lookout for the next Adidas Das Tables event coming to Mt. Hood Meadows soon!

Full results:
Morning Session – “Turn It Up”

1. Sam Wittke
2. Kevin Court AKA Gravedigger
3. Zach Higgins

1. Sierra Jewett

Afternoon Session – “Straight Line”
1. Nirvana Ortanez
1. Cooper Whittier
2. Chrisian Buliung
3. Pat Fava