Springtime is golden in Tahoe. Groomers that warm up just enough by afternoon. Perfect light practically every day. Set ups with just enough salt to keep things rolling until the sun sets. This Northern California locale is what warm weather snowboarding dreams are made of and Boreal has emerged as a bastion for park laps, regardless of time of year, but only further enhanced when the sun’s rays grow stronger in spring. This park paradise was the ideal spot for the adidas Snowboarding crew to bring their collectively easy style for a built-to-board junkyard set up that harkened back to prolific sessions of the early 2000s. Keegan Valaika, Louif Paradis, Tommy Gesme and Alex “Littlest” Sherman were joined at Boreal by Cooper Whittier, Jacob Krugmire, Craig Cameron, and Ben Bilodeau for adidas’ OK to Shred, and this posse of prodigious riders casually picked apart the reclaimed items buried in the snow, resulting in four and a half minutes of making the complex look easy. enjoy.