From adidas Snowboarding:

We almost lost Helen Schettini to skiing. Growing up in the remote outskirts of Kamloops, BC, Helen got her start on the snow via ski racing, but shortly thereafter–and thankfully for us–her brother convinced her to try snowboarding for the first time and Helen was hooked. Helen's rise to the top of the female snowboard scene wasn't without hurdles, however, as snowboarding is a very male-dominated leisure, but so far, Helen has had no trouble at all holding her own with the men. The British Columbia backcountry is where Helen has chosen to grind her axe, filming award-winning video parts under the watchful eye of BC backcountry icons like DCP, Romain De Marchi, and JP Solberg, and thus far, Helen has staked her claim in snowboarding as a humble destroyer who's hell-bent on progressing her gender's genre by any means necessary. Sit back, relax, and get to know Helen Schettini in her WELCOME documentary, because you'll be seeing much more of her in the coming years.

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