adidas Snowboarding /// Welcome: Jed Anderson

Did you know Jed’s parents got him a snowboard in hopes of slowing him down on the hill? Well… that seems like it backfired.

On the heels of Jed Anderson’s comeback part “Buzzcut” that dropped earlier this year, adidas Snowboarding drops another video from their celebrated “Welcome:” series highlighting Jed’s life strapped in. A street savant in its truest form, follow along as Anderson narrates his path from Calgary to now with help from family and friends—Nick Dirks, Chris Grenier and Louif Paradis.

Edited & produced by Joe Carlino with filming by Anthony Drolet, Cole Tyler, Colton Feldman, Gary Milton, Hayden Rensch, Java Fernandez, Jan Snarski, Jeremy Thornburg, Joe Carlino, Justin Meyer, Mark Dangler, Sean McCormick and Tanner Pendleton.

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