video: Mia Lambson
words: Mark Clavin

Fresh off the success of Trenchfest, Airblaster premiered their second inventive take on classic competition styles this season. The first ever Airblaster Skolf invitational tournament went off without a hitch! The two day event combining S-K-A-T-E and golf style play was held at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire under the watchful eyes of Jesse Grandkoski!

Taking the freestyle head-to-head format of S-K-A-T-E or S-N-O-W, and combining it with the traditional tack of a game of golf, riders had a limited number of chances to complete a trick on each feature, or “hole”. Pars and grabs variated, but the camaraderie and stoke stayed constant. From switch cliff drops or cab 360’s with a grab of choice, to combos like a 360 over the roller to and Andrecht on the quarter… riders had to stay on their toes and heels all day.

When all of the golf claps quieted down, it was Alek Oestreng with the lowest score and the highest podium spot. Max Warbington was only a stroke behind him and took home the silver (plastic) club, an impressive feat for both of them which included a double-digit amount of hole-in-ones! Brandon Reis and River Richer tied for third, and then tied during the tie-breaker in the form of a foot race outside of the Imperial Palace restaurant, where the awards were held. Third, and third-and-a-half, place was finally decided over rock-paper-scissors, going to Reis.

If this was an indication of what is to come, where can we sign up for the Professional Skolf Association? We can’t wait for the next tournament, or whatever else they have cooking up over at Airblaster!

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