You’re out with your friends. The sun is splashing down, the snow is in a state of fondue, and everyone is feeling good. You just rigged together a sketchy setup and you’re brazenly egging your most reckless bud to send it. Despite the ambulence-necessitating catastrophes that could go down, somehow there’s no carnage. He gets his trick, and everyone else gets some shots. Afterwards you get some burritos at your favorite tacqueria and it’s official: It was a sick day. Alday’s A Second Helping rings with the thick euphoria of such sessions like these. You can tell they’re really having fun and have a pretty solid formula for generating the subtle exhilaration that makes snowboarding such an addictive activity.

Featuring Andrew Tassell, Ryan Flaska, Ozzy Henning, Javan Pailla, Jimmy Jacobs, Hunter Meakin, OG, Cameron Skelton, Tom Mack, Heber McNeill, Alex Lockwood, Sam Klein, Dallin Twilligear, Bryce Salazar, wade Godi, Stephanie Sue Feld, Ron Yerrik, Justin Aday, Devin Whiteley, Brian Broderick, John Bradley, Alden Dow, Chris Shields, Gabe Mekker, Jayson aka Short bus, and friends.