Think Olympic snowboarding, the attitudes, professionalism and all the training and exercise regiments that go along with it. Now think of opposite. Something along the lines of this video, American Dirt 2, should be popping up into your head. The Dirtbag Crew ravaged through Wisconsin filming for this one, and they’re big proponents of keeping snowboarding gritty.

Featuring Ian Cichacki, Tanner Manninen, Adam Leiterman, Danny Sokol, Ryan Murphy, Dan Loehmann, Ethan Sperber, Al Nash, Reese Parks-Reill, Mike Stein, Nathaniel Mueller, Pete Marino, Brady Bruss, Jason Blose, Lee Dix, Mitch Schmidt, Jim Mcvey, Evan Erickson, and Grant Peterson.

Video by Ian Cichack.

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