Andy Irons Snowboarding

Whether paddling out, pushing along, or dropping in, there is a common stoke found amongst those who take the sideways journey through life.

There have been a handful of icons who have tempted nature and gravity on a scale that transcends seasons and medium. They come to be revered by anyone who has ever seen snow fall, waves break, or a curb get sessioned. This common stoke can become sadness in a moment when we are tragically reminded that larger-than-life figures are still mortals. Few of us can relate to Andy Irons the surfer because of his stellar accomplishments and rare talent, but this look at Andy Irons the snowboarder is easy to comprehend and endearing in its portrayal of that common stoke.

The staff of SNOWBOARDER Magazine would like to extend our deepest condolences to the surf community, the Irons family, and the many who were inspired by Andy Irons.