Attunga, A Higher Place—Full Movie By Volcom

Attunga, A Higher Place—Full Movie By Volcom

Whether you lean towards the powder or the park, Volcom’s latest project has something for you. Focusing on Terje Haakonsen, Torgeir Bergrem, and Marcus Kleveland,  Attunda, A Higher Place, looks at the views and styles of three of the most recognized Norwegian snowboarders of all time. An strong follow up to, Crosspollution,  Volcom explores the notable Norwegians for over half the edit, and then tap their multitalented team of riders for a soon-to-be viral Volcom Stone session in Falls Creek in Australia to cap it off. Enjoy!


Featuring Terje Haakonsen, Torgeir Bergrem, Marcus Kleveland, Pat Moore, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Mike Ravelson, Scotty James, Scott Blum, and Joss Mcaplin. 

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