Austen Sweetin Joins Quicksilver

Austen Sweetin joins the ranks of Travis Rice and Bryan Fox as the newest addition to the Quicksilver snowboarding team. If this fast-paced edit is a sign of things to come, we are stoked to see what is down the pipe.  "He is definitely one my favorite snowboarders to watch right now. That Miller flip over Craig's Cross in After Forever? C'mon. Welcome to The Mountain and The Wave Austen," said Travis Rice, in the press release sent out earlier this week.


From Quicksilver:

Fast. Cool. Quirky. Stylish. Fun. Crazy. Creative. Bold. There are a ton of different ways to describe Austen Sweetin. And now, a Quiksilver team rider is one of them.

We're proud to announce the signing of the Seattle native. At 25-years-old, Austen has already made a huge impact after being named one of Snowboarder Mag’s top 10 riders and nailing the final section in Absinthe Films' "After Forever". He's got a reputation as one of the world's best all-terrain riders, which means and he rips at pretty much everything that can be ripped — street, park, back country, skating, surfing, guitar…life in general.

We're proud to sign him. But more than proud, we're stoked to see what he does next.

Welcome to the team Austen.