Michigander Dom Palarchio’s been sitting on the release of Baby for a minute. Throughout the ’14-’16 winters, Dom was able to get clipped up for himself, while helping friends get shots of their own. The artistic direction seen in the video speaks volumes to the common snowboarder that is closer to snow-covered metropolitan settings than a hill.

Featuring Adam Rottschafer, Addison Beeker, Alec Ash, Alex Davids, Andrew Carrol, Brandon Ash, Bret Guild, Cody Linding, Brett Kulas, Dominic Palarchio, Jack Harris, Mitch Kirby, Chris Brewer, Jack Tobin, Joey Niepokoj, John Koobiak, Kevin Sheridan, Kristen Theos, Mac Eckstrand, Matt Rhule, Noah Peters, Paul Dobry, Sam Boerema, Trevor Newman, and Trevor Speranske.

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