The Backyard Project – Episode 1

“Every year, we go farther and farther from home in search of new lines. The farther you go, the better it becomes–at least that’s what we’re told.” – Justin Lamoureux

The Backyard Project follows Justin on a close-to-home quest to ride the mountains visible from his home in British Columbia.

From Justin:

Our backyards are often overlooked for farther and more exotic adventures. From his house in Squamish, BC Arc’teryx athlete Justin Lamoureux sees 30 different mountains. Rising from sea level to 9,000′ these mountains are rarely visited during the winter. Follow along as he tries to ride them all in a single winter.

‘The Backyard Project’ Ep. 1- In his quest to ride all thirty mountains he can see from his backyard, Arcteryx athlete Justin Lamoureux must deal with the realities of an ocean level approach, a bridge-less river that splits the valley in two and way too many options.