The fjords of Norway are overflowing with snowboarders endowed with surreal talents. The cream of this incredible crop such as Stale Sandbech and Torstein Horgmo are all staples in America, but there are still throngs of top-level riders who remain on the home front. The Bad Plans crew is one such throng, and we can’t blame them for staying local with Fonna Glacier Ski Resort just down the road. Andreas Grong, Sigurd Lindquist, Tormod Gregussen, Sindre Cottis along with other acrobatic aesir put on an absolute spectacle on Fonna’s vast fields of slush. This edit boasts snow tunnels, unrivaled rail trickery, front-flip hand-drags, dicy flips through offbeat rhythm sections, and side hits galore. You won’t regret watching it all the way to the ender.