Sometimes being European just seems like the tops. Especially when Laax is involved. It’s like Disney Land, but nestled in Switzerland, and instead of cartoon animals running about, you find Frenchmen who call themselves bees. We assume that this is one of those cultural barriers that people are always telling us we don’t understand. And we don’t understand it. We’re just jealous of it. Featuring Alex Ganz, Pierre Scafidi, Jonath Geiser, Nico Palladio, Matteo Cuny, Jacco Bos, Julien Emch, Lionel Simon, Igor Wandfluh, Théo Duparc, Isabella Groenestein, and Lucas Baume.

Editing by Lionel Simon.
Filming by Lionel Simon, Théo Duparc, Julien Mounier, Lou Staub.