BARBEGAZI—Ben Ferguson, Danny Davis, Gabe Ferguson and Rene Rinnekangas

From Director, Tyler Orton—

Barbegazi are mythical creatures from Swiss and French mythology. Because of their penchant for high altitudes and low temperatures, they are rarely sighted by humans, and their greatest known excitement is surfing on avalanches with their remarkably large feet, but they are said to give low whistling cries to warn humans of the danger above.”

Snowboarding during the fall months is a rare occasion for anyone from North America. With a giant glacier left at 11,000 feet, Ben Ferguson traveled out to Saas-Fee, Switzerland in the month of October to seek out some riding with friends before the winter months began in the states. Commuting by plane, train and bus gave us unique perspectives on new cities, landscapes and a way of traveling.

Featuring Ben Ferguson, Danny Davis, Gabe Ferguson and Rene Rinnekangas.

Shot on Kodak 16mm film and Panasonic GH4.

“happyhappyhappy” by Ricky Eats Acid

2nd song:
“Choir” by A Certain Ratio

“(The Death of Ruby)” by Ruby Haunt

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