Recently the Nitro Snowboards team attempted to set the world record on the longest rail, a proper round rail set just over three feet above the ground and measuring 84 meters or 275.59 feet long. The rail is so long that even though there were some close attempts in the the first session, no one was able to make it to the end. The crew needed a rematch. So in June, Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Ana Rumiha, Žiga Rakovec, Benny Urban and Basti Rittig headed to the Dachstein Glacier in Austria to set the rail for session number two. It was a battle, as the riders fought to balance for the rail’s duration and friction actually caused bases to melt. But, it was a good day because after about four hours, the crew claimed victory as Basti Rittig 50-50’d the mighty metal beast, setting a new world record for snowboarding the longest rail (beating the old record of 79 meters or 259.19 feet). Congrats, Basti!