Teaming up with auteur Hayden Rensch for Beacon, Dakine’s Louif Paradis and Mark Wilson spent the season trying to produce the best possible product that would showcase their vision of modern day snowboarding. If you haven’t seen the end result, we highly suggest dropping what you are doing and checking it out here. But if you still need more convincing, Dakine and Rensch have luckily teamed up once again to show a bit more of the hard work that went into some of the recognizable spots in the movie. Whether it is battling the ledge with Wilson, going over (instead of through) the archway with Louif, or just a comical observation of a stairway shoveled clean of snow, we say the more footage dropped from these insanely talented riders, the better. But there is not really much to worry about, because there is plenty more where this came from. Check out the full movie on iTunes here!

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