What can we say about Beacon that hasn’t already been said? We will just let Louif introduce it.

“When I ride this stuff, I want snowboarding to look accessible, in a sense. To let kids know that you don’t need to be super techy. You can just go ride downhill and find pleasure with the rhythm and the flow that you find on your snowboard and it’s just as important as the tricks that you do. I feel like the way we’re showing snowboarding in this film is maybe a little different, so it could be attractive to people who have never snowboarded before. “- Louif Paradis (Read the full interview with T. Bird here!)

Centered around the once-in-a-generation rider with on-hill abilities that will undoubtedly put him in the company of the all-time greats, Louif teamed up with Beacon’s director Hayden Rensch to handpick every rider involved in this movie. To say it blatantly, he did one hell of a job. From the world premiere in Portland, to whatever device you are viewing at this very moment, the award-winning movie documenting French Canadian snowboarder Louif Paradis and friends this past season riding in Quebec, Russia and Japan, is exactly what snowboarding needs. It is a 16mm film natural-speed street film from start to finish. And don’t worry, it has it’s fair share of powder as well. Beacon shows not only the final product, but the flowing production that goes into a season full of slams and shovels, with a bit of luck and success to match.

Featuring Louif Paradis Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Alek Oestreng, Ben Bilocq, Harrison Gordon, Artem Smolin, Phil Jacques, Frank Bourgeois, Mammouth Durette, Blake Paul, and Remy Fournier, it is a crew for the ages. And we couldn’t be happier to share it in full for you right here. A huge thanks to everyone involved, especially Adidas, Dakine, Salomon, and Smith, and hopefully we see you out there this winter.

Produced by Snowboarder Magazine, Beacon is made possible with support from Adidas, Salomon, Smith and Dakine.

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