Every once in awhile, a flick comes along that not only checks every box, but makes new boxes of their own. This is that movie. The movie snowboarding needs.
Benches represent the universal act of sitting, until now. Snowboarders are moving in to claim them as their own, with Fredrik Perry leading the movement. Fredrik, Kasper Häggström and a huge list of particularly notable snowboarders in the know, compiled clips for Benchpress The Movie. Every single trick, line, or spot in the film incorporates a bench. Chill with some friends, enjoy at least the next half hour of your life during this video, and become inspired.

Featuring Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Brandon Reis, Toni Kerkelä, Ryan Paul, Fredrik Perry, Ted Borland, Chris Beresford, Jesse Burtner, Dave Marx, Jeff Holce, Seamus Foster, Torstein Horgmo, Jed Anderson, Joe Sexton, Gus Engle, Matt Heneghan, Matt Butel, Sean Genovese, Kristoffer Lerånd, Eirik Nesse, Even Brekke, Matt Bernard, Jesse Paul, Jon Stark, Kevin Hanson, Len Roald Jorgensen, Håvard Roald, Jonas Steen, Pål Brekka, Thov Sanden, Scott Stevens, Ethan Morgan, Halldor Helgason, Ben Bogart, Corey McDonald, Dillon Ojo, Jesse Paul, Danny Larsen, Tim Eddy, Hannah Eddy, Garrett Read, Logan Beaulieu, and Aleksander Østreng.

The Benchpress store is selling limited crewnecks and pre-orders of the video.