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Short Film of the Year: blender

Short Film of the Year is a new award category introduced for Riders Poll 20, as a reflection of the changing landscape of snowboard cinema, and blender is the inaugural recipient of the award. The creative combination of Tommy Gesmes riding and Colton Feldmans cinematography and editing has been a recognizable force in snowboarding since the Keep the Change days. blender is the latest iteration from the duo, displaying Gesmes distinct style alongside Louif Paradis, Ben Bilodeau, Craig Cameron, Derrek Lever, and more. At about 14 minutes long, few films of this length have earned this much acclaim. It is a combination of creative spot selection, unique trick selection, and proper execution, all captured by top-notch filming and editing that make blender such applauded piece of snowboard cinema. If youre curious as to the direction modern street riding is headed, this is a good indicator.

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