Blood Brothers Official Trailer

words by Andre Beriau

At the core of snowboarding are the kids who grew up learning how to send it towards a roughly built jump in the backyard, and figuring out how to turn only to avoid the tree that couldn't have grown in a worse spot. It's the kid who face-planted countless times in a pair of L.L. Bean boots strapped into a borrowed board in the neighbor's yard and got up, barely breathing, but wearing an ear-to-ear smile. It's the feeling that those moments create, the timelessness they hold, and the unadulterated joy they bring. For my brother, Jacques, and I – like many kids – we spent endless winter nights trading off laps and boards under our father's shop lights. We would drag them into the yard next door to illuminate a jump – three, 50' extension cords trailing behind like an orange tail connecting to our house.

Last winter we went looking for what we'd almost lost over the past seven years. Jacques and I both endured adverse life changes that threatened the sanctity of our relationship and the bond that snowboarding gave us. What began as an idea to create a film on Super8 with no definite timeline, evolved into a concept to look back at the riders, filmers, films, and music that inspired us, pay respect to them, and rebuild the relationship that was nearly shattered. We linked up on weekends, and holidays, with the majority of the sessions taking place in New Hampshire. The full-length Blood Brothers film will be released on Friday, October 13th, 2017. For updates and photographs from the film, check out @Analog_Companion on Instagram.

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