With social media’s insatiable instantaneous nature, audiences expect a constant barrage of clips the moment they happen. Mt. Hood has been no exception this summer. Photos are still arguably the quickest way for high-end upload and viewing options (outside of the occasionally well filmed iPhone video angle), but every once in awhile, a quick edit turnaround of top-caliber talent is dropped and in time for the social channels to line up with the artistic talent reminiscent to days of old.

That being said, here is a high energy, good time edit from the lens of Scott Barber and Aaron Hooper at the Bode Merrill Minipipe Invitational at Mount Hood with Danny Davis, Nils Mindnich, Chas Guldemond, Max Warbington, Louie Vito and many more. Check out the full photo recap here, and expect a few more edits dropping in the near future!