It’s no secret that budgets aren’t what they used to be the snowboarding industry. While we’re far from snow doomsday provocateurs, we are realists in the face of the fact that it can be a heavy task to make things work out, especially when filming a movie is the main objective. But this hasn’t deterred crews of riders and filmmakers for whom staking out spots in the streets when the temps dip below freezing (and in the case of these guys and their Eastern Canada locale, far below zero) is as much a way of life as the act of just strapping in in the first place.

Brothers Factory is one of the three infamous crews to currently stake their claim on the snowy landscape of Quebec. These guys have slaved away at spots for seasons and every fall, they emerge with stacks upon stacks of mind-boggling, next level, consequential hammers. What’s just as notable as the feats on film produced by riders like Jeremy Cloutier, Frank Bourgeois, Jason Dubois, and Jacko Emond, is that along with lensman and director Will Demers, they have continually accomplished their season’s work completely DIY with the help of supporting sponsors. This past season, Demers, Cloutier, Bourgeois, and Emond set out to film the next iteration of their films, despite the fact that due to outside factors in the snowboarding industry, this new movie was fully sponsorless. Basically, the crew just said, “Fuck it, this is what we love to do, and we’re going to soldier on.” And that they did. One of the most beloved and accomplished DIY film crews out there, sponsorless, still going for it.

The teaser for the new film, called brothersfactory-4-teaser-sept16-handimage as an homage to the longevity of the four riders involved who have been filming with the crew since its inception, is full of insane spots and mental snowboarding. A small crew, yes, but these four snowboarders possess the skills of a group greater in number and this new release from Brothers Factory is going to be good. Really good. So support Brothers Factory, by watching, by sharing, and by being stoked on five snowboarders who are making it happen against the odds.

Featuring Jeremy Cloutier, Frank Bourgeois, Jason Dubois, and Jacko Emond. Filmed by Will Demers.