You’ve seen them. Making turns through the park. Taking two laps to your one. Casually tossing 270s and backlips on DFDs, effortlessly landing switch back fives and lofting backflips in the jumpline. The young posses of savants, whose snowboarding appears effortless, unhindered, and with a level of style that could only have come from some aberration in genetics. These are the riders who spend every moment they’re not in school or at work on hill, who seem to be more at ease when there’s a deck strapped to their feet than without it, and whose easy style of snowboarding reverberates across the fall line of your local hill each time they turn or touch down. Burton Kilroy is these riders. Seven individuals whose snowboarding speaks for itself and vocalizes the fire and frenetic abilities of their community. This past summer, the Kilroy crew descended on Mt. Hood for their first outing as a squadron and their first opportunity to take laps all together. As the season ramps up, there will be more days like this, as Luke Zajac, Dru Brownrigg, Takeru Otsuka, Sy Moran, Carter Jarvis, Max Zebe, and Luke Winkelmann strap in and send, and regardless of location, they will likely cause us to turn our heads and to drop in alongside them.

More about Kilroy, the crew’s week at Mt. Hood and photos by Blotto in Kilroy is Here: An Introduction.


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