All the riders in this Camp Backflip EP are coaches in their own right. Maybe think about hiring them to lead a national or college team, or even as a mentor for your kid’s USASA aspirations.

Featuring Lucio Doglioni Majer, Nick Elliott, Bryan Bowler, Brodey Wolfe, Ben Poechman, Evan Stum, Marc-André Séguin, TJ Koskela, Ben Bilocq, Martyn Vachon, Keenan Filmer, Gordon Hall, Russell Beardsley, Matt Butel, Derek Molinski, Taco, Mark Goodall, Kody Yarosloski, Quin Ellul, Coulton Conway, Matt Cochrane, Vernon Petty, Matt Heneghan, Colin D. Watt, and Jesse Loucks.

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