Does anyone know what Carinthia actually means? The roots of the word stretch back to the Paleolithic era in referring to the region now considered southern Austria. Complete historical facts aside, we are guessing it was some type of viking crew because the current day Carinthians rip everything apart in their path.

With a mix of homegrown and traveling talent, the good fellas over at Carinthia Parks put on a show with their work at #Superpark21 at Mammoth Mountain. With some narration by Elia Hamilton, watch Shaun Murphy, Storm Rowe, Brock Crouch, Bryan Skorupski, Halldor Helgason, Brandon Davis, Jesse Paul, Kyle Mack, Timmy Sullivan, Red Gerard, Nik Baden, Lyon Farrell, Nate Haust, Max Lyons, Shane Chappell, Chandler Hunt, Jeremy Ellenberg, Jed Sky, Chris Corning, Miles Fallon Ethan Morgan, Alex Hereford, and Casey Willax navigate the carefully shaped frozen waters harnessed by ancient grooming rituals stemming from the corridors of Carinthia.

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