While much of the summer shred media that makes it way across the internet is from the havens of Mt. Hood, Boreal, or Copper (not to mention the Southern Hemisphere winter) over in Eastern Canada there is a group of diehard shredders who find snow on their home turf at Akamp, Quebec’s answer to summer snowboarding. Check the Feed’s Johnny Hancheck was up at AKamp again this year and put together clips of what’s been going down in La belle province.

Featuring Joey Leon, Alexis Turcotte-Cloutier, Jacko, Alex Kyle, Vince Grandmaison, Alex Gogo, Nic Laframboise, Arthur Pelletier, Je Lanevin, Westley Lalande, Johnny Hancheck, Seb Picard, Hugo Dubé-Bouchard, and David Brown.

Filmed by Johnny Hancheck, Joey Leon, and Nic Cavezeli. Edited by Johnny Hancheck.