From Check the Feed:

Last season we traveled a lot to snowboard all over the east coast for riding and contests. Here is a collection of our favorite shots from the 4 places we enjoyed the most; Sugarbush Vermont, Bear Mt California, The Streets, and Whistler British Columbia this summer.

Riders by section in order of appearance:

Sugarbush, VT : Nate Haust, Eric Buczek, Jake Meyers, Johnny Hancheck, Charbonneau Louis-Philippe, Ulysse Dubé Burelle, Andrew Baker.

Bear Mt, California : Andrew Baker, Johnny Hancheck.

Streets : Andrew Baker, Jake Meyers, Johnny Hancheck.

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada: Daniel Gardiner, Phil Carpentier, Seb Judge, Mark Goodall, Johnny Hancheck, Kyle Palamar, Oliver Adams, Julien Passajou, Andrew Baker.

Filmed by: Johnny Hancheck, Andrew Baker, Andrew Percival and friends.