Check the Feed – Check in – Akamp

Zach Aller, Frank Bélanger, and Anto Chamberland are just a few of the shrewd shredders that have chosen the quiet mud-streaked slopes of Akamp at Mt. Saint Sauveur for their summer boarding spot. Mt. Hood and Camp of Champions are the notorious thunder stealers of the snowboard camp scene, hoarding the static of the atmosphere and not leaving much room for other organizations to make a splash when their videos hit the waters of the web. The mud-covered campers have a wild look about them; they don't care for luxurious lips and white snow; they're just stoked to shred. With the last deposits of snow dwindling in the West, Akamp's sturdy patch of snow, accustomed to the mud, might make this modest camp an unlikely candidate to be a new sultan of summer shredding.