It’s easy to spot Christy Prior when she’s charging on hill. She rides with an unwavering style, dropping into whatever feature is put in front of her with undaunted concentration. And while Christy is constantly smiling and stoked when she’s snowboarding, her work ethic is apparent; she’s often the last one to leave a session, always ready to hit a rail one more time in order to land a trick perfectly. It’s this combination of attributes that has turned heads over the past couple of seasons and earned Christy the Ms. Superpark Stand Out Award two years in a row, both at Ms. at Keystone in 2013 and Mammoth in 2014. Over the past season, Christy put stamps in her passport while stomping tricks at every mountain she visited, collecting footage for a season edit that aptly showcases the deep bag of stunts this New Zealander has. So watch Christy Prior’s 2014 season edit and stay tuned for what she has in store for this year.

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