Some of the hardest working sausage slingers of summer are also the most ripping boarders on the glacier. Government Camp staple Cobra Dogs has long been a steaming ground for both hot dogs and hot doggers and this past summer continued the Cobra style tradition. Ted Borland, Nirvana Ortanez and Ben Bilodeau served up Hot Snakes and cool tricks June, July, and August. If you think that pun is cheesy, just know it’s steeped in Fromunda.

Cobra Dogs own Ted Borland edited the above video and provided a concise and crispy introduction to what this past summer in the dog shack and at Mt. Hood was all about:

Well, another summer of handling Ween is in the books. It/s hard to write about now, after being back home in SLC for almost two weeks, but I’d like to think this was one of the better summers Hood has seen in a while. Timberline’s snowpack held up really well (especially compared to last summer), the High Cascade crew was on point, and the campers were psyched the entire summer. Can’t ask for much more. For Cobra Dogs, this was kind of a refresh summer. Cory Grove (the owner owner) decided to celebrate his eleventh Summer with a brand new food truck. A few years ago, we rebuilt a trailer right up until the first few days of Session 1, so we knew going into it that a fresh vehicle could cause trouble right off the bat. But this thing was crispy. Pre-camp was the easiest it’s ever been and morale was higher than ever. Riiiight up until we went to drive it up for its inaugural journey up Highway 26, when the water pump decided to die. So, the first truly mobile truck that Cobra Dogs has ever owned had to be towed into its normal home. Slightly embarrassing considering you could see the truck rolling into Govy if you were lucky enough to be watching Charlie Vision at the time. But did this break us? Hell, no! We had two new employees this summer: Nirvana Ortanez and Ben Bilodeau. Wiz and Spenny were hard to replace, but these candidates had some serious street cred that made hiring them a no brainer. Nirvana was one of the head chefs in the K-unit the past few summers, and Skrill is basically everyone’s favorite dude. Add Krush to the management side of things and we got ourselves one hell of a team. After that, the entire summer was smooth sailing. So smooth that I almost don’t remember anything. We slanged ween, and we slanged ’em tough. People might not realize due to the care-free work atmosphere up there, but this job actually requires a decent chunk of work. We worked 40+ hours a week to make sure hungry mouths were fed. But, all the times when people tell you they wait all year for a dog, or that they got one of the original hoodies, or when they ring the tip bell for you extra loud, or even when people just skate the mini skate features all afternoon. Those times make this summer job very worth it! I’m proud of the whole Ween Squad this summer. Great job, everyone!
Ok, now that my somewhat heart-felt speech is over, well get back to reality.  Cory had such a good time this summer that Cobra Dogs is still open!  If your in Govy or the Portland area, theres still time to get that last Hot Snake before summer ends!  I’ve been told that this is the last week, so get there while you can!  and if you can’t make it, check the webstore at to get that Hoody in your life for the fall temps.  And stay tuned, cuz if I know those two crazy old men who run the “management” at Cobra Dogs, they probably have something up their sleeve happening real soon!

Also a major Shout Out to :
Timberline Resort
High Cascade
Drink Water
Sausage Skateboards

and to everyone who helped film!
Tyler Orton
Seamus Foster
Desiree Melancon
Don Tyler
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and all the employees!

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Love y’all!