Coco Bongo—Frank April and Phil Jacques

If you need further proof the earth isn’t flat, Frank April and Phil Jacques provide that above. We’re in love with the coco… and the bongo. With a little slower music than we are used to with Frank—but the same powerful riding, April and Phil Jacques teamed up for this project on the low-low, and it might end up being our favorite on the season. Learn a bit about what went in to the project below. Starring Frank April, Phil Jacques, Atsushi Hasegawa, Seb Picard, Mammouth Durette, Mickael Belley, Vince Grandmaison, Nic Roy and Ozzy Henning.

From the fellas behind Coco Bongo:
A short snowboard film by Anthony Drolet starring Phil Jacques and Frank April, documenting their winter of freezing rooftop sessions where they definitely shouldn't have been and poor timing on a trip to Japan that led to slushy summer camp-like temps for 3 weeks. Featuring friends from home and afar, this is what the season looked like for Coco and Bongo.

Filmed and edited by Anthony Drolet

Photos by Anthony Drolet, Joseph Roby and Phil Jacques.

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