The Common Apparel clan was provided with a post-season session at Mt. Du Lac in Wisconsin. A comped cabin to stay at, free beers, sled tows, and creative control of the park setup, the resort staff fully hooked them up. If you’re a snowboarder in the Midwest, hopefully you can get on Common Apparel’s good side and join the fun.

Featuring Neal Reynolds, Andy Pearson, Colton Maddy, Zack Peterson, Alex “lark” Long, Sam Garneau, Colton Allen, Dylan Tillemans, Nate Blomquist, Calvin Green, Casey Pflipsen, Jack Yelle, Kevin Gillespie, Mike Liddle, Victor Smith, Danny Kiolbasa, Kayli Hendricks, Jackson Brown, Aidan Flanagan, and Cole Linzmeyer.

Filmed and edited by Sam Garneau.
Additional filming by Brett Spurr, Nate Blomquist, and Jackson Brown.

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