Episode Five of Contest Kids takes you from icy downtown Boston to the powdery snowpack at Vail resort, showing how far and into what clashing environments the contest circuit can lead you. At Fenway Big Air riders assembled in Boston, Massachusetts where accents are as unforgiving as the terrain. The contest kids duked it out beneath the menacing stare of the Green Monster. After this inner-city showdown, the troupe decamped from the ballpark and hit the ol’ crusty trail for the Burton US Open. In Colorado they found a meaty course. Tricks couldn’t help but be sent. And one turtle costume could not help but be donned. When Eric Beauchemin claimed silver at the Open, stepping to the podium in his Ninja Turtle garb, it may have been the most cowabunga moment in snowboarding history. Featuring Chas Guldemond, Jessika Jenson, Julia Marino, Nik Baden, Kyle Mack, Brandon Davis, Red Gerard, Brock Crouch, Lyon Farrel, Karly Shorr,Eric Beauchemin, Eric Willett, Jamie Anderson, Ryan Stassel, Hailey Langland.


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