Crab Grab: Crunchtime Full Movie

The guest list is insane.

That is a lot of snow, crab! With one of the snowiest preseasons on record in the Northwest, the Endowment For The Arts program helped fund a short film of our friends over at Crab Grab riding all over Oregon during the month of December. Filmed and Edited by Tyler Orton in Bend, Government Camp, Mt. Bachelor, and Mt. Hood. Featuring riding from Max Warbington, Scott Stevens, Gus Warbington, Parker Szumowski, and Jared Elston. Guests featured include Jesse Burtner, Curtis Ciszek, Austin Smith , Max Tokunaga, Alex Lopez, Desiree Melancon, Logan Beaulieu, Gabe Ferguson, Ben Ferguson. Imagine if that was the guest list at your party. You would be a whole lot cooler.

Funding provided by The Crab Grab Endowment for the Arts.