Crosspollution | Volcom Snow

It is all about gold, diamonds… and stones. Nobody knows that better than Volcom. Fresh out of the minds behind the most recognizable stone on the planet, Crosspollution is a high voltage shred flick for the whole family. A season of clips shot on low sleep with high energy, the short film is a gathering of loud and fast snowboarding and skating that the brand has made famous. From backyard pools to backcountry bowls across the globe, the Volcom crew is an invasive species that basically destroys everything in sight.

It doesn’t hurt that the team is stacked. Featuring Benny Milam, Reid Smith, CJ Collins, Collin Provost, Olivier Gittler, Arthur Longo, Axel Cruysberghs, Elena Hight, Ludvig Biltoft, Terje Haakonsen, Louie Lopez, Russell Winfield, Dustin Dollin, Dylan Alito, Scott Blum, Milton Martinez, Jamie Lynn, Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Parker Szumouski, Shane Azar, Iker Fernandez, Alex Rodway, Noa Deane, Mike Ravelson, Joss Mcaplin, Scotty James, Valentino Guseli, Miles Falcon, and a whole bunch more… we normally bold the riders names in the description but all their riding is bold enough. Nothing extra needed.

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