Quebec has long been heralded as a crux of the street snowboarding movement, an area in which some of the most respected urban aficionados dull their edges and sharpen their skills. Louis-Felix Paradis is one of these individuals, but his home of Quebec City, while renowned for its plentiful steel, also possesses in bounds runs and backyard powder stashes. Last winter, Louif welcomed fellow Dakine rider Mark Wilson, a Minnesotan who similarly honed his craft of destroying steel in the Midwest, to the northeast where he showed Mark around his locale. From laps at La Relais, to Aesmo turns in Lou’s backyard, to sussing out the city, Louif and Mark went 3 for 3 in Quebec City.

From Dakine:

Mark Wilson heads north of the border to meet up with Louif Paradis in his hometown, Quebec City. Just five minutes down the road from Louif's house, the guys get some side hit warm-up laps in via the two chairlifts at La Relais before grabbing the Aesmos for a couple turns in the woods behind Louif's house. After a storm hits and drops some new snowfall downtown, Louif takes Mark downtown to show him how he rides the city.