Danger Beach is one of New Hampshire’s fabled locations. It may not actually physically exist, but if it did, it would be the type of secret spot where Godzilla and Adam Sandler would catch some waves. Yes, it’s that awesome. As of now, Danger Beach is a DIY production empire by Ian Dreher that produces crunchy SD edits that take the raw, skeletal, knock-your-tooth-out tricks that East Coast hardballers are known to put down, and refines them into immaculate doses of mental stimulation. You Can Do That is the latest from Danger Beach, where Noah Guariello, Morris Gifford, Byron Harper, Tyler L’Heureux, Brendon Rego, Nick Bragg, Cole St. Martin, Kyle Cross, Ian Hart, Jed Sky, Jay Minassian, and Nick Doucette come to terms with the end of the season with all the eruptive bang of gasoline coming to terms with a volcano.

Note: if either Godzilla or Adam Sandler are reading this, we are still waiting for the Happy Gilmore Tokyo edition.