Day 1 Highlight Video—The Launch 2018 at Woodward Copper

It is back! The Launch 2018 at Woodward Copper with help from Oakley is in full stride. Featuring top up-and-coming freestyle riders from all over the world, check out Miles Fallon, Jack Coyne, Denver Orr, Cody Warble, Luke Winkelmann, Storm Rowe, Xander Raith, Xander Cornaby, Justin Phipps, Pat Fava, Tyler Vallieres, Asher Humphreys, TJ Fitzgerald, Matty Cox, Fynn Bulloch, Eazy Goeble, Dylan Okurowski, Luke Lunde, Joey Okesson, Derek Lemke, Drake Mechigian, Will Healy, Evan Werner, and more hit the unique setups that Woodward Copper is famous for! Full photo recap and highlights from Day 1 here!

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