The early 2000’s were a heyday for snowboarding videos, when DVD players were installed next to TVs in all mountain town flophouses and Mack Dawg, Robot Food, Kingpin and more were on constant loop, soundtracks blaring pre and post laps, day in and day out. Season edits, instagram clips and full parts weren’t accessible with just a few keystrokes and it was videos like DC Mtn Lab that allowed us to live vicariously through what the gnarliest boarders were putting down each season. In 2005, Robotfood’s Pierre Wikberg collaborated with DC Mtn Lab founder, Ken Block as well as a list of legendary riders including Eddie Wall, Todd Richards, Simon Chamberlain, Travis Rice, Devun Walsh, Travis Parker, Bjorn Leines, and Priscilla Levac to showcase the backyard terrain park paradise nestled in Utah in this fabled film and while the property is no longer in existence, the clips remain. Enjoy.