The Team Challenge came back to Winter Dew Tour for the third consecutive year. Similar to past years, six teams of three represented their respective brands as they competed against each other across all disciplines–modified pipe, jumps, and jibs. This year’s list of brands competing included Burton, CAPiTA, DC, Salomon, Rome SDS, and Nitro, with one rider from each team competing in each of the said disciplines.

The day started off with modified pipe, in which Ben Ferguson represented Burton, Chase Josey represented CAPiTA, Toby Miller represented DC, Ryan Wachendorfer represented Salomon, Renne Rinnekangas represented Rome, and Markus Keller represented Nitro. Each rider was given two runs on the modified pipe, with their best score counting towards their overall final team score. Chase Josey and CAPiTA took an early lead with a strong 85.33 on his second run through the pipe. DC and Toby Miller followed CAPiTA up with a strong 80.00 on Toby’s second run, while Markus Keller and Nitro grabbed third place with a 64.67 from Markus’ first run.

Following the modified pipe, each team made their way down to the jump section, where Red Gerard represented Burton, Nik Baden represented CAPiTA, Mons Roisland represented DC, Judd Henkes represented Salomon, Stale Sandbech represented Rome, and Sven Thorgren represented Nitro. DC Snowboarding continued their momentum from the modified pipe when Mons Roisland put down a heavy 87.00 on his first run snagging first place in jumps and moving DC into a safe first overall after the second round. Stale Sandbech followed close behind with an 84.67 on his second run and moved Rome into the second place position on the jump section. Rounding out the podium on the jumps, Nik Baden put down a 79.67 on his second run, and pushed CAPiTA up into second place overall moving into the final jib portion of the event.

Moving down to the jib section to close the day out, Takeru Otsuka represented Burton, Johnny O’Connor represented CAPiTA, Sebbe De Buck represented DC, Jesse Paul represented Salomon, Frank Jobin represented Rome, and Sebastien Toutant represented Nitro. Takeru Otsuka came out of the gate hot and put down the highest individual score of the day, scoring a 93.33 on his first run through the rails. Sebbe De Buck snagged second on the rail section with an 87.33 on his first run, while Montreal’s Sebastian Toutant clinched the third spot on the jib course with an 86.67 on his second run.

Once tallied, DC Snowboarding’s combined total of 254.33 secured the overall gold. Following close behind, CAPiTA Snowboarding’s combined score of 245.67 earned the team second overall, while Rome Snowboards snagged third overall with Frank Jobin’s final run on the jibs, bringing their combined total to 230.33. Make sure to check out the winning team runs here, and check back soon for a complete photo gallery from each of the course’s sections. Congratulations to DC Snowboarding on winning the third ever Team Challenge at Dew Tour.

Ma podium_snb_men_team_final_dew_tour_breckenridge_ortiz_34
The Team Challenge podium from left to right, CAPiTA, DC, and Rome. PHOTO: Chris Ortiz

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