Everyone is familiar with the mortifying thrill of looking at old year book photos. A trip down memory lane is often a return to your “dress like eminem” phase or your optimistic first mustache attempts. This is one of those moments. Last year Deeluxe sent Brandon Cocard and Yusaku Horii on a Mt. Hood expedition, where snow levels were at their lowest in years. It was a distressing time, but riders found ways to make it rad despite the rampant dust storms and likelihood of core shots. This year Hood is handsomely decked in white, but it’s worth taking a look back at harder times on Oregon’s summer snowboarding oasis. That’s how gratitude is built.
Also featuring Kaede Yusanaga, Hayate Yusanaga, Mary Luggen, Alex Fischer and Mark Goodall.

Film and edit by Peter Rossner